Raul Ponce
Black belt, 4th degree.
karate-do and kobudo.
Dojos Ken.
Ailen Ponce.
Black belt, 3rd degree.
Karate-do and Kobudo.
Dojos Ken.
Carina Ravetti
Black belt, 4th degree.
Karate-do and Kobudo.
Dojos Ken.
Micael Ponce.
Black belt, 3rd degree.
Karate-do and Kobudo.
Dojos Ken.
In 1991 we were under the supervision of Sensei Shigeo Nakazato 8º Dan (Degree). After long,
hard and enduring practices we obtained our 1st degree as black belts in Karate-do and Kobudo
of the Ken Institutes.
For over 10 years we were in charge of the Branch of Ken Institutes in the state of Santa Fe,
Argentina; With two primary schools, one in the city of Capitan Bermudez, and the other in the
City of San Lorenzo.
We are currently the only branch of this style to teach and practice in the U.S. We have the
privilege of sharing this activity with as many people who are determined to learn it. Our
knowledge is well developed, allowing us to be teaching as we have been doing so for more than
20 years. Our teaching is not based as a combat method but instead as a philosophy of life,
where values such as discipline, respect and friendships are taught throughout.
This traditional Okinawa Karate style does not limit
itself to various techniques of combat or
self-defense using different parts of the body, but it
also impliments the managing of Okinawan
weapons. These weapons are: BO (wood stick),
Tunfa (handle), eku (oar), sai (trident), and kamanti;
each one is accompanied by basic techniques and
Our system is prepared for children, young
men/women and adults. The physical activity
working together with the concentration,  
discipline and respect, are combined with trainings
destined to dominate the body with strong,
aesthetic and fast movements. The style offers
those who practice it a constant work ethic and
motivation to exceed, helping them forge a strong
self-esteem allowing them to cope with any given
situation in life.
Ailen and Micael Ponce received their Black belts, 1st degree, in 2006, after more than 13 years of
intensive practice. 2nd degree in 2009, and 3rd degree in 2012.
Selene received her Black belt, 1st degree, in 2010. And her 2nd degree in 2012.
Ailen, Micael, and Selene are the children of Sensei's Raul Ponce and Carina Ravetti, therefore, the
guardians of the style in the U.S.
Selene Ponce.
Black belt, 2nd degree.
Karate-do y Kobudo
Dojos Ken.