After the 1400s Okinawan farmers began to use their tools of
work as weapons, since in the  Port of Tumai the commerce
was exerted by means of the interchange of food of first
necessity of that time (sugar, rice,etc) with countries such as
Taiwan, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. In 1600, the army of
shogun SATSUMI invaded and conquered the islands of the
Japanese Archipelago Ryu Kyu. In order to avoid rebellions in
Okinawa (the most important of the islands) the natives were
prohibited the carrying and the use of any type of weapons.
Samurai (the military), committed all types of injustices,
submitting the invaded town to oppressions and humiliations,
reason why the Okinawans in the necessity to defend
themselves of the abuse, perfected the Chinese techniques
fused with the native techniques of martial arts. While some
perfected the techniques of the combat with their hands, others
did their own thing using their daily tools of work as weapons.
The handling of these conventional weapons of Okinawa, was
generically denominated as KOBUDO (weapons path); these
being: Bo, Tunfa, Eku-bo, Saku-bo, Sai and Kamanti.
The kobudo techniques were jealousy hidden to the foreigners,
until the beginning of the present century, in which the teachers
began to disclose their secret art, first in Japan and after World
War ll to the rest of the world.
Sensei Shigeo Nakazato its the only one to teach the system
CHIKIN BO and other systems of Kobudo not known.
  • BO
  • EKU BO
  • SAI
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