Katas   型
The Kata(forms) are sequences of movements that combine attack
and defense techniques, implemented against imaginary
opponents. They are classified into three categories: SHO-KYU
(basic training of kata), CHU-KUY (intermediate kata) and YU-
DANSHEN (advanced, higher level of kata).

  • SHO-KYU or Basic Kata: the foundation of basic techniques,
    where coordinated and structured movements are chained
    together, providing correct positions.

  • CHU-KYU or Intermediate Kata: compound movements and
    changes in executions, where strength intercalates and speed
    changes during the development of the kata.

  • YU-DANSHEN KATA or advance Kata: are the essence of
    training "KU TAN MO REN"(to forge a personality with intensive
    practice), achieving physical, mental, and spiritual balance and
    personal maturity of the practitioner.
SHITAI NO TO ITSU: correct mastery of techniques and positions.

CHIKARA NO KYO-YAKU: right way and method of using force.

WAZA NO TANKYU: type of speeds used in each technique.

DOSA NO DAISHO: degree of a movement's expansion along with body movements.

KIAI: shout. Release of internal energy.

SHINKI I-TAI: attention in each technique performed.

CHOKUGAN: purpose of the technique and focus of an imaginary point.

KOKYU-HO: the opposite; every action of attack becomes defnse and every action of
defense transforms into attack. How to use the techniques active-passive and

REI: each kata begins and end with courtesy, as demonstrated in the reverence and

KEN SEN ICHI: the preparation and demonstration of the mental concentration.

   * Sunkensanpo #1, Sunkensanpo #2,Sunkensanpo #3, Sunkensanpo #4.
 * Tumpe #1(Shodan), Tumpe #2(Nidan).
 * Fukiogata.
 * Kihon Kata.
 * Taian #1(Shodan), Taian #2(Nidan).
 * Pinan Shodan, Pinan Nidan, Pinan Sandan, Pinan Yondan, Pinan Godan.
 * Naifanchi Shodan, Naifanchi Nidan, Naifanchi Sandan.
 * Seisan.
 * Passai Dai.
 * Jion.
 * Kururunfa.
 * Chinto.
 * Unshu.
 * Matsumura No Passai.
 * Kanku( Kusanku).
 * Gojushijo.
 * Niseishi.
    Meanings of the katas
*Kihon Kata:       

Four equal sides.
Moon ceremony.
Ending point of the fists.
Peace and tranquility.    
Wind raider.
Way of the thirteen steps.
Crossing the wall.
The sound of the temple.
Movement and force of the waves..
Crane on the rock.
Hands in the clouds.
Sun salutation.
Secondary road.
Depth of the hands.  
Principles of the Kata's execution