Haebaru Cho
SHIGEO NAKAZATO, 8º Dan (Degree), Sensei (master)
was the founder of the well-known school DOJOS KEN.
The school was founded with the arrival of Sensei
Nakazato in Argentina.
The word "DOJO" means place of practice and the word
"KEN" means fist. This style promotes traditional karate
and kobudo, where respect, discipline and education are
the three fundamental pillars of the Dojos Ken school.
Sensei Nakazato us natuve of Haebaru Cho, prefecture
of Okinawa, Japan. He was born on December 23th of
1938. His martial arts studies began at the age of 14, with
two karate teachers: Bushi Kanegusuku "old salesman
of oil" and Makabi, while in Kobudo his teacher was
Ugushiku of the Kidaba-Bo Style.
His first classes as an instructor began to distribute in
the University of Okinawa, where he graduated with a
degree in Economic Sciences and a degree in
In 1965 he arrived at the city of Concepcion, province of
Tucuman,Argentina, where he began with the classes of
Karate-do and Kobudo.
In 1968, after a demonstration that took place in the
Okinawan Center in Argentina (COA) in the city of
Buenos Aires, Sensei Nakazato took permanent
residency in then Federal Capital of Argentina. His
trajectory included presentations in National and
World-wide Championships, as well as numerous
exhibitions and presentations in the Japanese culture
scope. He was the Flagman of the Argentine delegation
in the 42th National Olympic Games of Japan (HOKUSAI).
At the beginning of 1988 he regulated and organized the
DOJOS KEN, creating the Circle of Black Belts and Ken
Institute Civil Association (KICA).
In 2000, he received the annual Martial Artist Prize and in
2005 he was distinguished as an honorary member of
the counselor of notables of the Japanese Argentina
Cultural Foundation. It is during the same year he
launched his book; "KARATE and KOBUDO
OKINAWENSE" written by Sensei Nakazato that
coincided withe the 40 years of constant teachings of
Nakazato in Argentina.